Featured Services

We are one of the top software companies that provide Software Development Outsourcing Services from its Delivery Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and On-Shore delivery in Miami, Florida. This guarantees that your company receives the best quality and service. We provide:

Custom Development Solutions

- Full product Development
- Custom Software Development
- Cloud Based Software development
- Software Maintenace
- E-commerce solutions
- Mobile Applications
Business Intelligence
We bring together a deep understanding of the business and technology dimensions of an organization to improve decision-making, financial management, and customer service. Business intelligence can help organizations transform data into insight and achieve higher levels of performance by:
- Providing insights that can help pinpoint new revenue-generating opportunities and improve operational efficiencies and visibility across the organization
- Optimizing the return on existing business and IT investments such as data management, data mining, customer intelligence, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning technology.
- Enabling faster problem-solving and decision making at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

How We Work

Agile methods have proven their effectiveness, and are transforming the software industry. As Agile methods evolve and extend, organizations and individuals find ways to transition to Agile practices, regardless of methodology. We assist our customers to integrate Agile into their exiting processes in whatever way is most comfortable. We provide complete transparency and visibility into the status of a project by daily contacts and reviews of process and code. By using a distributed Agile model, we ensure excellent planning, accurate delivery and optimal business value. Thanks to our location, most of our clients are in very close time zones, allowing us to use methodologies such as Scrum, which is an iterative and incremental agile approach to software project management. Scrum is an agile framework for completing complex projects. It originally was formalized for software development projects, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless.

  • Sprint-based planning and deliveries

    A sprint is the basic unit of development in Scrum. All the features of the system are broken down into short iterations or phases.The sprint is a "timeboxed" effort, i.e. it is restricted to a specific duration. The duration is fixed in advance for each sprint and is normally between one week and one month, depending on the complexity of the system, the technology and team preferences. Most often, we use 2 to 3 week sprints in our projects.

    The system features are prioritized by the Client and allocated to the different sprints. When a sprint is about to start, the Team gets together with the Client to estimate each feature and perform more detailed planning than the one that was done at the beginning of the project.

    During the sprint, the finishing date is never altered as well as the features that are to be included on the active sprint. If for any reason, there is not enough time for some features to be implemented, those features are then re-added to the Project Backlog, where all the features are kept for tracking.
  • Daily "scrums" or stand-up meetings

    Each day during the sprint, a project team communication meeting occurs. This is called a daily scrum, or the daily standup. This meeting has specific guidelines:

    - All members of the development team come prepared with the updates for the meeting.
    - The meeting starts precisely on time even if some development team members are missing.
    - The meeting should happen at the same location and same time every day.
    - The meeting length is set (timeboxed) to 15 minutes.
    - All are welcome, but normally only the core roles speak.

    During the meeting, each team member answers three questions:

    - What have you done since yesterday?
    - What are you planning to do today?
    - Any impediments/stumbling blocks? Any impediment/stumbling block identified in this meeting is documented by the Scrum Master and worked towards resolution outside of this meeting. No detailed discussions shall happen in this meeting.