About Us

We are a nearshore software development company focused on improving the management of the technological areas of our customers by providing tools that add value to our client's businesses, through a distributed Agile model, ensuring excellent planning, accurate delivery and optimal business value.

With our nearshore delivery center in Argentina, we are expert in software development and quality assurance. Our team is composed of all seasoned senior developers, with an extensive experience in different technologies such as PHP, .Net, C++, Java, Web Technology, among others. Their experience, proficiency and communication skills, allows us to deliver exceptional results and value at a competitive cost.

Our Staff

Marco Terenzi

Throughout his extensive career he has aquired a strong experience as a technology consultant, developer and software builder.He helps clients define their needs utilizing well known as well as emerging technologies that will deliver better and faster results, to create tools that add value to the client's bussiness

Juan P. Ochoa de la Maza

Extensive career as software developer, architect, leading teams, with a particular interest in efficient and agile web applications. Always looking for the highest quality in our products, in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Juan Carlos Dapena Garay

Experienced business manager with many years developing comercial channels for innovative and complex software.

Mariano Gabriel Consoni

He is an experienced developer in open source languages and ha has great knowledge in servers administration. Specially dedicated on the details and the deliver on time.

Andres Szmid

"It is satisfying to make a good architectural design and have my clients happy with the final results" Born in Argentina, Bachelor in Computer Science and experience in creating big applications with simple design architectures. I'm perseverant in my careear, passionate about playing the piano, reading and the most important thing in the world that is play with my daughter.

Diego Tanzi

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm systems engineer, I have studied in Buenos Aires. I been working in Business Intelligences for the past 10 years in different kind of project, companies and cities. The kind of challenges that I like are related with a high involvement of the companies which allow me to learn how they work and how they manage the business. That's the way we can help the companies to grow with the information they have

Sebastian Packmann

Born in Argentina, BSc in System Analysis and experience developing all kinds of software, specially desktop applications. Lately I have dived into python's world and making my way into web, neural networks and information extraction, among many other topics of interest. I am passionate about what I do, and I enjoy solving problems. But solving them is not enough, I like to come up with solutions that are simple and elegant.

Julia Stringhini

Her professional profile is focused on digital and interactive communication, with special interested in new technologies and the application of tools to develop projects where companies and brands generate platforms for dialogue, involvement and participation. Always looking forward for the expansion of creativity, involving brands in the world of entertainment to create experiences with people and enrich our interactions.

Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance Practices

By using a distributed Agile model, we ensure excellent planning, accurate delivery and optimal business value, to help us exceed our client's quality expectations.

Hybrid Delivery Model

We provide a nearshore outsourcing model with a development center in Argentina, and an on-shore delivery. This guarantees that your company receives the best quality and service at a competitive cost.

Highly qualified, experienced and certified professionals

Our team is composed of all seasoned senior developers, with an extensive experience in different technologies and trained in Agile methodologies.